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boat hire in dalaman sarigerme  with crew and tranfer

Sarigerme Beach

Shuttle Mini Buses running every Half Hour starting from Hilton and Holiday Village Family Life Hotels throug the Sarigerme Village to the Sariger Beach for 3 Turkish Lira (about 50 pence) per person, and kids under 6 ride for free.

Don't mix the Beach of Holiday Village Beach with the Public Beach, see youtube video below.

Don't get me wrong, The Beach of Holiday Village and Hilton is not comparable with the the Public Beach it is a lot better for many reasons.

I have to say that the Public Beach in comparasin to the one in front of the Holiday Village and Hilton is much cleaner, the sand is much lighter and gives you the feeling of being on an idyllic beach.

Heaven for families with small children due to its shallow waters.

There is a small entrance fee to the Beach. This Small entrance fee charged by the Sarigerme Environmental Education Association and the income of the small cafe goes towards the maintanece of the beach as well as to the local charities.

Please note there is a charge for Sunbeds and Sun Umbrellas

Food and Bevarege prices are ridicilusly cheap so much so one wonders how do they manage to make profit.

Lifeguard-lifesaving equipment/ services available 09.00-18.00

Public Toilets with 2 handicapped toilet at the beach are kept clean at all times, bins are emptied and all the rubbish if left by the visitors collected regularly.

Trees at the seating and picnic areas provide the necessary shade with pleasant breeze and comfort.

Cafe, First Aid, Seating area, Toilets, Disabled Toilets, Coast Guards, Little Zoo, Sun Beds and Umbrellas, Water Sports Shuttle Service, Phone Box, Tree Shades, Tables and Chairs

If you wish to visit an even better beach then the public beach, then i suggest you consider the famous Turtle Beach- Iz Tuzu Beach in Dalyan, please visit the excursion section

This Turtle Beach is 20-30 minutes ride away , trips are conducted to Turtle Beach from Sarigerme.

This beach is not comperable with the Public Beach nor Holiday Village beach, it is absolutely stunning , no wonder why the Turtles are visiting this beach for over 90 million years.

If you do stay at Alinn Hotel or Caria Hotel, these Hotels get regular shuttle services to the public beach, there and back and have got their own Huts at the beach where they serve their own customers.

How to get to the Beach

Shuttle Buses leaving from the Hilton and Holiday Village Hotel Main Gate every 30 minutes for small amount fee or you can walk to the Beach.

With Shutlle buses it takes about 5 minutes to get there from the Holiday Village. If you prefer to walk this may take you about 40 minutes .

for up to date information please visit the website

The Public Beach is well looked after and available with all neccasery facilities.

According to :
Mr. Cengiz Ilhan is responsible person for the public beach part in sarigerme.
His email : Tel: +90 252 2868264




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