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boat hire in dalaman sarigerme  with crew and tranfer

What to do and expect in Sarigerme Turkey

All Tourism entrepreneurs in Sarigerme had a succesful year so far with all the Bars, Restaurants and Shops filled with travellers and holiday makers. The major tour operaters managed to fill the Big Hotels in the area such as Holiday Village, TUI Blue and Sarigerme Park, Hilton Golf Hotel, Magic Life.

The Weather in Sarigerme does always plays its part with being hot and pleasant throughout the year.

Enjoy every moment of your Holiday while in Sarigerme or nearby towns such as Dalaman, Dalyan, Gocek and Koycegiz as Sarigerme is very close to these holiday destinations.

Excursion from Sarigerme section is full of choices, What to do, where to go, how much the tours cost and which ones are suitable for children etc.

On our excursion pages you can find many things to do from Turkish Bath to Boat Trips. There are also many Alternative Sports available in Sarigerme.Such as White Water Rafting, Tandem Gliding , Scuba Diving and many other activities to suit your adrenalin rush.

This way you can plan your Holiday so you can save yourself a lot of time and can spend it with your family members or have extra hours of sunbathing. Visit the page of our favourite small Hotels within the Village Quality B&B Hotel in Sarigerme.

Sarigerme is becoming a popular destination for those who are seeking a romantic wedding place where getting married can not be more easier with the professional wedding planners of first choice or similar tour operaters. A delightful idea for Wedding reception can be held after the wedding ceremony on a double decker boat where you can watch the stars whilst sipping your champaigne just before the barbeque.

Sarigerme website is here to give you a better insight of the village of Sarigerme and its surrounding area, with usefull general information for travellers on topics such as Currency, how to travel around with the local transportation, how and where the beach is, what baby food is available.

If you ask your self, So Now That I'm in Sarigerme, What Food Should I Eat, find out on our site about restaurants and gluten information available in sarigerme.

Cons and what to be aware of section did help alot in the past to many visitors to the area therefore we kept it up to date, as we hope that it will be helpful to many new holiday makers.

Do you have general Questions, about the Holiday Village of First Choice, Palace or Tropical Hotels, Hilton, where they are and how far from the Village ?

Explore the area on foot or simply flag down a dolmush a turkish shuttle bus, make your Holiday more exciting in Sarigerme, visit the nearby Villages and see extrodinary views. Take your Camera and Sunglasses with you as will be needing them at all times as the daylight lasts many long hours in sarigerme.

There are Mosquitos in Sarigerme and plenty of them as it would be in any humid and hot country, find out how you can prevent them to be a nuisance to you and your loved ones during your Holiday. What brands are used and where to find and buy them in Sarigerme.

There are things one needs to do when on Holiday, this can be sunbathing, shopping, chilling etc. There are also stuff one needs to avoid whilst in a foreign country. Little things if avoided can result in extra peaceful and enjoyable holiday. Visit our very short Not To Do list.

You are not limited with staying in within Sarigerme boundries as there is lots to see within the surrounding area where you can book trips and things to do such as swimming with the Dolphins in Marmaris Town, only under two hours of pleasant journey. Playing and swimming with these creatures will be an incredible life long lasting sweet memory for you to take home.

We have tried to make this website user friendly and packed as much as we can with information relating to Sarigerme. This includes the laundry facilities in the village, which may come handy if you dont want to take your holiday wear back home dirty.

If you are in doubt with what Visa or similar queries, you can visit the FAQ page for most asked questions related to sarigerme and turkey.

Golf play course is at this moment not ready in sarigerme however there is a great deal of work ongoing, hopefully this will be ready for the next coming year.
On the other hand you can enjoy a ride to Waterpark in Marmaris or in Fethiye with simply booking this trip, see excursions page, where you can have a fabulous day out.

If you are more into people and a bit into culture, you can find here also pictures of the local people who are living in Sarigerme from all walks of life.

If you have anything to say, wish to share your opinion, make friends or have suggestions do not hesitate to contact us




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